Friday, September 24, 2010

Twitter Queen, Kim Granatell: Calls Out Jersey Shore Cast, While Blasting On Danielle and Teresa

Kim Granatell has been at it again, putting Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudices's information on blast via Twitter - as well as calling out Snooky, Angelina, and "The Situation" (Mike) from the cast of MTV's hit reality TV show, Jersey Shore.

While making hints about Teresa's husband, Joe Giudice, going to jail and also calling out "Dirty D." (referring to Danielle Staub) on getting caught by re-possessors - being correct about this information, gives Kim G. valuable credit on Twitter, with hundreds of RHONJ fans out there reading her tweets, Kim G. takes the throne of "Twitter Queen". Joe has recently turned himself in and will complete 10 days of jail time for violating court orders by driving with a suspended license, while Danielle Staub's Range Rover has finally been repossessed (on September 18th at approximately 11am.) after running and hiding from the repo man. Kim G. has also been making fun of Teresa and Danielle, by accusing Teresa of borrowing clothes from her sister-in-law, Kim D.'s Posche Boutique shop, while saying that Danielle goes on shopping sprees at Target: here are her recent tweets at Danielle, Teresa, and Joe:

Kim G. has also reached out to Angelina from Jersey Shore, calling her a weak villain who needs tutoring from her, so that Angelina can learn to be a "real bitch" to other cast-mates on Jersey Shore. "The Situation" (Mike), "Pauly D." and "Snooky" have also been shot at by Kim G. when she invited Mike and Snooky to arm wrestle against her and her friend, Tom Murro, while also inviting Pauly D. for some GTL (referred to as gym, tan, and laundry on the Jersey Shore show). Take a look at these recent tweets towards the cast of Jersey Shore:

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